A Curse of Blood by L.L. Frost (ePUB)

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A Curse of Blood (Monsters Among Us: Hartford Cove #1) by L.L. Frost – Free eBooks Download


Once upon a time, there was a girl who walked into the woods, and everything changed.

When Rowe Branning sets off with her faithful wolfhound, Tris, on a quest to visit a grandmother she hasn’t seen in fifteen years, it’s supposed to be all milk and cookies, with soft hugs and a place to crash until she can sort her life out. But her arrival in to Hartford Cove doesn’t come with the warm welcome she hoped for. The town holds dark memories for Rowe of a night in the woods and death, and the way the sheriff looks at her makes her feel like prey even as she’s drawn to him.
Then ghosts from her past return in the flesh, making Rowe question everything she thought she remembered about that night in the woods all those years ago, when she watched her mother and her best friend be brutally mauled by a monster out of nightmares.
Nothing in Hartford Cove is as it seems. It hides secrets, not just to her past but to the true meaning of why the town even exists. Is there any hope of Rowe finding safety in this small town? Especially when she has secrets of her own? Because everywhere Rowe looks, she still sees monsters, and she’s beginning to think they’re not just her imagination anymore.
Magic encircles the town, howls fill the woods, and a curse lives in Rowe’s blood that everyone wants. But who is friend and who is foe in the feud between the wolves and the huntsmen?

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