A Cowgirl’s Billionaire by Edith MacKenzie (ePUB)

cowgirl's billionaire, edith mackenzie

A Cowgirl’s Billionaire (Barrels and Hearts #7) by Edith MacKenzie – Free eBooks Download


He can save her. But only if she saves him first…

Savannah’s dreams have been tied to her sister’s for far too long. It’s time to choose her own path and finally do what she wants to do. Too bad she has no idea what that is. But then she meets a handsome billionaire with haunted eyes, and starts to wonder if maybe her path was always meant to intersect with his…
Professionally, Bryce has everything he ever wanted. His personal life, however, is an entirely different story. No amount of money or success can heal the scars of his past. But Savannah shines a light in all the dark corners of his heart. She might be the only one who can save him from himself. If he doesn’t ruin everything first, that is…

When a threat arises and Savannah’s life is on the line, can Bryce become the hero she needs? Or will his inner demons destroy their shot at happily ever after?

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  • A Cowgirl’s Billionaire – Edith MacKenzie ePUB



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