A Christmas Boyfriend Recipe by Lisa H. Catmull (ePUB)

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A Christmas Boyfriend Recipe (Seasons of Sugar Creek) by Lisa H. Catmull – Free eBooks Download


I’ve got the perfect recipe to find a boyfriend for Christmas.

The funny thing is, I wasn’t looking for one. He sort of found me. I was just supposed to go to Thanksgiving dinner with him, and I came home fake engaged to the boss’s son.
Now I’m spending the month of December with him and his twin in a small town called Sugar Creek, Vermont while he gets ready for a big shot celebrity chef cooking competition. He’s got all the ingredients to make a perfect boyfriend, so it’s too bad that this engagement has a built-in expiration date.
He’s not the kind of guy who gives up that easily, and he’s developing a secret sauce of his own to win me over. Even though things are heating up between us, there’s no way this relationship is anything but a half-baked idea.
Because I’ve got a secret of my own simmering, and if it spills over, there’s no way to clean up this mess.
Or maybe love is like an egg—sometimes you break your heart, and it takes a lot of scrambling to make things right, but when you do, there’s nothing better in the whole world. So, yeah, maybe my life is like an omelet. So cheesy.

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