A Butler’s Forbidden Affair by Daphne Pierce (ePUB)

butler's affair, daphne pierce

A Butler’s Forbidden Affair by Daphne Pierce – Free eBooks Download


The ruined reputation of her reckless father has trapped the fiery Diana Dowding in a loveless marriage with a soulless Duke. Neglected and isolated inside the big ducat of the countryside, Diana finds a friend to comfort her, the mysterious butler. However, a fateful night will be enough for Diana to realise her burning love for the seductive man.

Will her passion for the butler lead her in a scandalous path filled with secrets and lust?

Owen Arnold is the vigorous, proud butler of the cunning Duke of Somerset. His boss’ business schemes and lewd affairs with his maids never bothered him. Yet, things are about to change when Owen encounters his new Mistress, Dianna. His admiration for the Duchess will soon turn into tantalising feelings, after accepting her invitation to join her in a card game that would lead to so much more…

If only Owen could tame his forbidden desire before it is too late…

After a sinful night Diana and Owen will find themselves unable to control their concupiscent romance and their intentions to act in secrecy will not last… A wicked woman in the household knows the truth and she is determined to use it for her own sake. When dark revelations come to light, will Diana and Owen find a way to confront the dangerous Duke? Or will their unleashed desire vanish among the lies, plunging them into eternal darkness?

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