A Bookseller’s Charming Marquess by Abigail Agar (ePUB)

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A Bookseller’s Charming Marquess by Abigail Agar – Free eBooks Download


With her talent for bringing books to life, nine-teen-year old Catherine Dalton has taken it upon herself to make sure her father’s bookshop runs like a well-oiled machine. Her creative nature along with her love for literature made it her life’s purpose to help others cultivate a love for books. Even though Catherine wants nothing more than to continue living and working at the small, cosy bookshop, alongside her family, yet, fate holds other plans for her… When a handsome, mysterious man walks into the bookstore, her world is turned upside down… Will she follow her cautious mind and consent to an unwanted marriage with another man of her class? Or she will let herself free to delve into a thrilling romance, like the ones she reads in her books?

Lord Peter Compton, the brooding, handsome Marquess of Northampton, struggles after the death of his parents, with bringing up his twelve-year-old sister. As they travel to London for the season, his little sister begs him to stop by a cute, little bookshop. Upon entering, Peter meets the fiery Catherine, whose eyes flash with intelligence and confidence and he is instantly stunned by her kind and vivid spirit. However, he cannot allow himself to be distracted by the intriguing shopgirl, as he must fulfill his duty and marry Lady Abella DuBois. She has everything a man in his position could want: a title, wealth, and good breeding. Yet, after meeting the breathtaking Catherine, his confidence in his match with Abella is severely shaken. Will his decision to ask her to tutor his sister cause his feelings to grow? Could there be more to marriage than duty alone?

As Catherine helps Peter’s sister with her lessons in the most imaginative ways, they get to know each other better and both cannot resist their undeniable emotions. However, when Abella sees Peter’s growing attraction for Catherine, she does everything in her power to tear her down. As Catherine and Peter finally acknowledge their deepest affection, outside forces will soon push them to face the cruel reality that wishes to keep them apart. Will the barriers and internal battles overpower them? With the odds stacked against them, how far are they willing to go to beat them and cherish the sunshine of their unique, true love?

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