A Bonny Pretender by Aubrey Wynne (ePUB)

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A Bonny Pretender (MacNaughton Castle #3) by Aubrey Wynne – Free eBooks Download


A bonny pretender and a handsome imposter… Can love overcome a double deception?

She’s pretending to be someone she’s not…
Brigid MacNaughton can outshoot any lad in the Highlands with a firearm or bow and easily scare away the most amorous suitor. When she is packed off to London to “smooth her rough edges,” Brigid vows to turn this punishment into an adventure. She’ll master the rules of society, become the perfect English miss to placate her family, then return to the Highlands and her old life with a clean conscience-unattached. Until she falls in love with a quiet, self-possessed Englishman who believes her ruse. Brigid must decide whether to take a chance and reveal her true self or walk away from the one man who stirs her passion.

His entire life is based on a lie…
When the malicious Lord Raines dies, Frank becomes viscount and vows to fill his mother’s last years with joy. He embraces the title and rejoices in his freedom from a tyrant father. But his mother’s deathbed confession shatters his world. After a year enduring the loneliness and questioning the betrayal, he journeys to London to find a wife and learn more about his real father. When Frank meets Brigid, a beguiling and soft-spoken Scot, he’s instantly smitten. If he divulges his scandalous parentage, will she still fall willingly into his arms?

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