A Blend of Nero by Theresa Paolo (ePUB)

blend of nero, theresa paolo

A Blend of Nero (Vine Valley #3) by Theresa Paolo – Free eBooks Download


I’ve been in love with Nero Grasso for half my life, even if he is the town playboy. I’d accepted that with my curves and lack of height, he’d never see me as more than a friend. But then he goes and kisses me, and the friendly glances turn all heated and dark—the same moves he pulls on all those unattainable women. He couldn’t possibly want to be more than friends after all these years, could he?

I never should have kissed my sister’s best friend. She’d always just been Lanes—the Sauvignon Blanc to my chicken. Now all I can think about are her lips and her sexy curves. Everyone knows I’m not good enough for her—they tell me more often than I need to hear. She definitely deserves better than me, but for the first time in my life, my selfish ass can see beyond one night.

A Blend of Nero is the next installment in the exciting and sexy Grasso Family Saga. Grab a glass of wine and swoon as this playboy falls head over heels for his sister’s curvy best friend.

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