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A Baby for the Mob Boss by Jess Thick – Free eBooks Download


In a final goodbye to her one-sided love, she’ll give him a baby — but he might not be ready to let go.

No matter how hard I try, I can’t fall out of love with Cieran Teague for my whole adult life. With a father in the Irish Mafia, I always knew the underbelly of Chicago, but Cieran was always a shining light.
My mother wanted me on the straight and narrow, but when Cieran needed a personal assistant, I jumped at the chance to get closer to him, but I never planned on offering myself up to have his baby!
He’s already turned me down once. My heart might not be able to handle doing it the old-fashioned way, but I can’t bear to see him with someone else again.
I just have to hold out. To know that these moments are probably all he’ll ever give me, and that after the baby comes, Cieran won’t stop when I leave the mob for good.

Moira Connolley doesn’t belong in my world. She’s too young, too beautiful for a guy like me, and one day, she’ll wake up and see that. I’ve already had two failed marriages. Moira is the only woman I can rely on. I can’t risk losing her.
So why am I even thinking about agreeing to her having my baby? She’s not some random surrogate. She’s my personal assistant. The twenty-five year old who professed her love and who I already turned down. If I had the fortitude to say no before, why is refusing my heart a second time so impossible?
Having my child will tie her to me forever. It’s cruel. I know her feelings. She doesn’t know mine. If I have her — if I see her round with my child, I might not be able to let her walk away.

A Baby for the Mob Boss is an intense dark mafia romance stand-alone complete with a HEA and no cliffhangers. Mature readers will enjoy red hot scenes as our hard-working heroine and alpha mafia master discover their happily ever after.

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