A Baby for the Alien General by Luna Hunter (ePUB)

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A Baby for the Alien General (Dohan Warriors #2) by Luna Hunter – Free eBooks Download


The dominant alien general needs a baby, and his intense gaze is fixed on me.
The scheming Uttux have made Dohan women infertile, and now the proud warrior race is dying.
Thokar saves me from the clutches of those same Uttux before they could run their creepy experiments on me.
Now he wants to knock me up.
I have no interest in being a baby factory for an alien warrior. Not even one as hot as Thokar. I just want to go back home, but Thokar has a different plan.
The Dohan need human women to repopulate their dangerous alien homeworld.
So that is where he takes me: Doxhar. A savage, wild, untamed planet. I have no choice but to rely on the alien general because even the plants could kill me here.
Thokar is very protective of me. He never lets me out of his sight and I start to enjoy his burning gaze. The alien general says I’m his gini, and that his twin hearts pump faster every time he looks at me.
And then we reach his ancestral home and it all comes crashing down.
Thokar has to choose. Me or his clan. This is my chance to escape and run as far away from the possessive alien general as humanly possible.
So why do I want him to pick me?

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