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86 love, lauren kohout

86 Love (Cherry Stems #1) by Lauren Kohout – Free eBooks Download


Hailey never would have guessed her darkest moment would save her from an even darker future.

Hailey is a people pleaser and class clown. No matter how stormy her days, she always tries to make everyone around her smile. Unfortunately, her boyfriend, Gage, doesn’t have the same priorities. He isn’t supportive of her goofy personality, her dreams of being a fantasy author or her part-time jobs. He’s even less supportive of her playing on the Cherry Stems co-ed soccer team. Everyone has been trying to convince her to leave Gage, but it’s not as easy as they think. And her inner demons sure aren’t helping.
Avery has been one of Hailey’s closest friends since high school, but they’ve never had a romantic connection. They’re both dorks, and Avery loves Hailey’s playful personality when they play for the Cherry Stems together. Her friends seem to think they’d be perfect for each other, but Hailey is positive Avery has never looked at her that way. Right?
There’s only one way to find out, but Hailey isn’t sure she has the courage to go for it, not when Gage and her own fears keep telling her to just give up.

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