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615 forever way, abby brooks

615 Forever Way (Cherry Falls) by Abby Brooks – Free eBooks Download


Morgan Montgomery moved to Cherry Falls looking for a change while she rebuilds her life. The problem? She’s every inch a city girl with no clue what she’s doing. She’s never so much as hammered a nail but refuses to let that stop her from proving she can do it.
As the small town’s resident white knight, Reuben Cantal has just the hardware she needs.
Morgan’s walls are up. She isn’t ready to accept help from anyone, most of all the cocky, attractive owner of Cherrywood Hardware and Lumber—no matter how well he wears his tight, tushy revealing jeans.
He knows a damsel in distress when he sees one. And a woman like Morgan is hard to miss. After coming through for her in a way she never expected, her walls come tumbling down.
The harder she tries to push him away, the more she realizes it’s the last thing she wants. She looks forward to their time together—daydreams about his swoony smile and shapely behind.
Things are happening fast. Too fast. How’s she supposed to focus on rebuilding when this small town knight in shining armor is winning his way into her heart?

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