40 Ways to Alibi by Donna McDonald (ePUB)

40 ways to alibi, donna mcdonald

40 Ways to Alibi (Tales of a Midlife Witch #5) by Donna McDonald – Free eBooks Download


I either need a new job or a new life…

I’m not a woman who worries about the wrinkles on her face or how she looks in her clothes. I don’t care whether or not men find me attractive. I worry about bigger problems like do I still have what it takes to learn something new at my age? My magick is rusty after wasting seven years in prison.
So what if Mulan’s parents start whispering every time our paths cross? Should it matter to me if the normally brave Wu Shaman won’t translate what her parents are saying about me?
I have a female guardian to reform, a guardian boyfriend trying to make up with me, and a far darrig friend who needs to crash at my house until his stuffy, book-cooking parents get over themselves.
See? I have enough drama in my life.

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