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25 years, lucas x black

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Tommy Mitchell loved Mila Renner with the intensity only a boy of seventeen years could know, before Mila dropped him cold for the quarterback of their high school team, seeking greater popularity. When the quarterback picks a fight with Tommy, Tommy wins the fight, harming the quarterback and dashing the hopes of the football team against a rock. Harassed and ostracized by his peers, Tommy graduates midpoint of his senior year and leaves town, going on to college then taking a career a distance away in San Antonio. Along the way, he married a woman who then divorced him to become a trophy wife. By this point, “bitter and misogynistic” could describe Tommy’s view of relationships and women.
He is invited to his 25-year class reunion, and at the urging of a friend from those days, reluctantly agrees to attend. There, Mila approaches him, offering herself back to him, even begging his forgiveness for those long-ago wrongs. Can they build a new relationship from the ashes of the old? Or is this reconciliation doomed?

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