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2-stroke, zoe dawson

2-Stroke (SEAL Team Alpha #14) by Zoe Dawson – Free eBooks Download


Petty Officer Neo “2-Stroke” Teller and Officer Chrysanthe Steele have been taken by ruthless people who will stop at nothing to get what they want. 2-Stroke and Chry are trying to survive as they work to escape. During this time, 2-Stroke finds that he is reconnecting to emotions, memories, and relationships that he’d thought he’d left in the past. Could working through them all bring him back to himself, teach him something new, and lay to rest old ghosts. And can he reconnect with the woman he’d left behind from all the turmoil of the past?

Chry and 2-Stroke have history and their attraction got the better of them while captured, but while on the run after escaping, they draw even closer together and their revelations about each other begin to become clear. As their enemies close in for the kill, their only hope in in relying on each other. Can 2-Stroke trust her and open up about his past and let her in to help, or will he try to handle everything alone, effectively ruining any chances they have of finding forever with each other?

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