113 Katama Rd by Katie Winters (ePUB)

113 katama rd, katie winters

113 Katama Rd (Sisters of Edgartown) by Katie Winters – Free eBooks Download


It’s another sundrenched summer on Martha’s Vineyard. Between long, glorious beach days with her best friends, sailboat rides, and shifts at the hospital, Camilla must face the truth of her failed marriage and prepare to mend her broken heart.

And it won’t be easy.

The previous six months have been nothing short of heartwrenching. Camilla’s husband, Jonathon, left her around Christmastime. With Camilla’s daughter, Andrea, off in New York for fashion school and in the midst of planning her wedding, Camilla has felt miserable and alone — despite support from her best friends, Mila, Jennifer, Olivia, and Amelia.

It’s time for new growth, to push herself, to go on dates, to recover. But it’s much easier to want those things than to make them happen.

Soon, Camilla discovers some secrets her once-dear husband didn’t want her to know — and she’s forced down a rabbit hole, one that makes her delve deep into feelings of love and regret.

Are second chances possible? Can Camilla dig herself out of depression and fear of the unknown?
And can she learn to love herself again, even after so much darkness?

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